About Us

Fullers Energy is an energy integration company with offices in central New Jersey and Massachusetts. We provide certified energy evaluation including: solar and geothermal installation, deep energy retrofits, energy audits, solar system monitoring and maintenance throughout the Northeast.

Our job is to provide homeowners and businesses with end to end solutions that reduce or eliminate their energy (electricity, heating, colling) expenses, while at the same time reducing or eliminating their dependence on fossil fuel.


Three Commitments

About Fullers Energy

WE ARE COMMITTED to doing our job with integrity. For us, integrity means doing what we say we will do when we say we will do it. It means providing our customers the absolute best products and services at the lowest prices possible. It means creating relationships with our customers that are imbued with the same qualities as our relationships with our friends and colleagues.

WE ARE COMMITTED to finding solutions that allow our customers to save money while at the same time contribute to the greening of the planet.

WE ARE COMMITTED to remaining at the forefront of energy integration–staying on the edge of the wave as the field of energy integration expands and advances.


Principle Players

Robert Fuller
Robert (Bobby) Fuller is the president of Fullers Energy. A graduate of The University of Rhode Island, he holds two advanced degrees in marine biology and has over 17 years experience in the science and high-tech sales field. He was formerly the President of Green Power Energy LLC of  Annandale, NJ, and has designed and installed over eighty alternative energy systems. Bobby is trained and certified by both The NABCEP ( North American Board of certified Energy Practitioners) and IREC ( Interstate Renewable Energy Council). He lives and works in both New Jersey and Massachusetts. He and his brother, Jesse, grew up on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.


Our Promise

We promise that rather than sell you an alternative energy system based on what you can afford or on what you think you need, Fullers Energy will work with you to completely analyze and revise your entire energy profile. This process starts with energy evaluations and recommendations with respect to insulation, heating and cooling devices and, of course, energy sources. Fullers Energy is certified by the Building Performance Institute to conduct energy evaluations.

We promise that any system we design and install will provide you with the most cost-effective way to deliver heating, cooling and electricity to your home or business. After installation, we will make all the necessary adjustments to make sure your system is operating optimally. Then, we can engage to monitor your solar system with sophisticated monitoring sensors and software from Enphase Energy’s Enlighten. Enlighten allows us, and you, to monitor your solar power system from any Internet enabled computer.

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