Lease, Finance or $0 Cost

One of the wonderful things about solar power systems is that they’re very easy to obtain. In this day and age, with almost everyone being more cautious about what they spend,  it’s important to examine the options carefully so as to choose the right way to go.

Obviously, if you buy a system out right, you can immediately take advantage of the Federal tax credit and any tax credits or rebates offered by your state. You own the system and you take full advantage of all the electricity that it produces as well as the SRECs you earn and any income you can earn by selling electricity back to the utility.

Aside from outright ownership, there are basically two other ways  to take advantage of solar generated electricity:



If you finance a system, you get all the advantages of ownership, only you pay a finance charge on the net cost (system cost less tax credits and rebate).

Fullers Energy can arrange extremely competitive financing for you. It is possible to finance a solar energy system so that over a 5 to 7 year period, your financing charges will be considerably less than your electric bills would have been over the same time period, and at the end of the financing period (you choose the payment plan), you own the system out right and your electricity is virtually free.



$0 Cost Solar

It is possible to take advantage of the sun’s energy at no cost. Fullers Energy can install a system on your home or property and sell electricity to you at a discount. You pay for nothing. Essentially, we become your discount electric company. For the average home owner this can mean a savings of $200 – $600 a year. Not the biggest solar “bang,” but definitely the smallest solar “buck.”

However you go about installing a solar energy system, for Mother Nature it’s all the same. Whether you buy it or use $0, it all makes the earth a better place to live.