Solar Management

Solar systems reside outdoors with wind and rain and squirrels. They are in a natural setting. Things happen.

Solar Energy ManagementSolar systems are electrical equipment. Things happen.

However, with Fullers Energy, the entire system is warranted. For 10 years we will fix or replace anything that is malfunctioning or underperforming.

But to fix a problem we need to know if there is one, and if we wait for someone to notice a discrepancy, it could be months down the road.

Enter Fullers Energy Solar Management, a troubleshooting and maintenance division based on Enphase’s Enlightenment monitoring system. Enphase is the manufacturer of the high-tech, high-quality power inverters that we attach to each panel. Not only do these inverters change the DC power output of your panel to AC–so that the energy can be used in your home and also be sent back into the grid–but their microprocessors monitor the functioning and output of each panel 24 hours a day. These, by the way, are different from other power inverters in that one inverter is attached to each panel, not just one for the entire system.

Anyone with an internet enabled computer can monitor not only the output of the entire solar array, but the output of each individual panel at any given time. To see this in action, go to and click on the “View Live Sites” button (or just click here). Then click a blue button on the map until it’s replaced by orange flags with an “e” on them. Click on one of the flags and a name will appear to the right of the screen. Click on the name. You are now watching an analog and graphical overview of the current and past functioning of a solar installation. Once you have finished with the overview, scroll down to see additional information.

Fullers Energy Solar Management is a fee-based program that has the potential to provide real cost savings for solar users. For further details, write us at

Solar Energy System Management & Maintenance