Wind Turbines that Create EnergyOf all the different kinds of alternative energy, wind power is probably the easiest one to comprehend conceptually. Wind is everywhere. Created by differences in atmospheric pressure from region to region across the globe, the movement of the wind can easily cause light weight blades on a tower to turn; the turning blades are connected to a shaft that rotates a small turbine to create electricity. It is the reverse of running a fan on electricity. With wind turbines, you are creating electricity by running a fan.

Installation, however, is complex and involves many variables, such as placement for maximum generation, placement to adhere to local codes, safety considerations,  current inverters to change wind turbine current from DC to AC and net metering.

Fullers Energy can work with you to make the entire process as simple as possible and to ensure the maximum return on your wind power generator.

Widespread proliferation of wind turbines in commercial and residential zones is still fairly new but Fullers Energy is well versed in the issues that may arise in different municipalities, counties and states.

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Reading about alternative energy online is a great way to bring yourself up to speed, but even we get confused by some of the seemingly contradictory information we find. So, please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.